Upward Dogs Yoga for kids is a mobile yoga class for children of all ages.  We will come to you with everything necessary to have a fun

yoga class for up to 10 children.   Yoga has so many benefits for children.  It can help build strength, increase flexibility and coordination , quiet the mind, improve focus and teach helpful relaxing breathing techniques. Yoga teaches flexibility of the body and mind and promotes clear thinking and focus that can help in school, sports and other physical activities.  The best part is that there is no right or wrong in yoga, it is always a work in progress,.  That's why we call it a practice.


Mobile Yoga Classes For Children in Powell & Dublin OH

Preschool Yoga

I will come to your preschool and teach a class at a time that is convenient for your children. They will build strength and flexibility as well as learn how to use yoga to center and calm themselves with meditation and breathing techniques.  Most importantly, they will have fun!

Private Parties or Clubs

We will come to your house, church, temple, school, or park for private classes.  Boy and girl scouts enjoy yoga too! Call in advance to schedule your private class or party.

School Aged Kids and Tween Yoga 

Big kids will learn yoga poses and sequences that will strengthen the body and improve balance and flexibility.  Tweens will flow to their favorite songs and also learn to quiet the mind and be more centered.

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YOGA Classes